Conversations in the Kitchen: Watch What You Heat

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Lee’s Recipe from ‘Conversations in the Kitchen: Mapping the History of YYC’

Lee Churchill was the first speaker in our ongoing lecture series ‘Conversations in the Kitchen.’ If you missed it, check out The Map Project Blog to catch up on the restoration and conservation work she did on an early 20th century map used by Calgary’s firefighters.

Lee’s talk was followed by food and lively conversation in our Fire Hall kitchen, where she cooked up some Newfoundland toutons. She has been kind enough to share the recipe with us! To make your own delicious bits of fried bread dough, you’ll need:

3 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp sugar
2.5 tsp (1 packet) of traditional yeast
1 cup warm water

  • Proof the yeast by dissolving sugar in 1/2 cup of warm water and sprinkling yeast on top. Wait 10 min until frothy.
  • In a large bowl put flour, salt and oil. Stir in yeast mix and continue stirring until a ball forms, then knead until elastic. Adding flour if needed.
  • Let rise 30 min, until doubled, then punch down and re-knead.
  • Turn on frying pan and add butter. Tear off golf ball sized pieces of dough, pull into circles and fry until lightly golden.

Serve with butter, molasses, and cloudberry or ligonberry jam.

Coming Soon: Cappy’s Curators!

campus calgary

The Firefighters Museum of Calgary is coming to a school near you! Geared towards grades 5 to 7, ‘Cappy’s Curators’ gets kids to curate their own exhibits with real artefacts and archival materials from the museum’s collection. They’ll learn how to develop a thesis and use facts to tell stories, while becoming more familiar with Calgary’s history.

Cappy's Curators current suitcases
Museum kits as they appear now. 

These suitcases were packed full of great artefacts and brought to Campus Calgary in 2013. Kids had a great time putting exhibits together, handling artefacts, and learning about firefighting. We’re re-vamping the content to link in with the curriculum and will be bringing ‘Cappy’s Curators’ to schools and learning institutions around Calgary in 2015!

Cappy's Curators, archival images
Museum kits will also include archival materials, such as these images of Calgary’s firefighters. 

We will begin taking bookings in October 2014 for dates in 2015. If you are interested in learning more – or would like to be placed on the mailing list to be kept informed – please contact Shannon at

Conversations in the Kitchen: Mitigating Museum Disasters

Join us on August 22 for the second installment of an ongoing lecture series ‘Conversations in the Kitchen.’ Irene Kerr will deliver a talk about the tragedies and triumphs she experienced when the Museum of Highwood was struck by a fire and then a flood.

Pre-registration is required. Limit of 15 participants. Admission by donation.

Please register by emailing

Full details here:

Visit to the Union Cemetery – July 29, 2014


Yesterday the Museum visited Calgary’s Union Cemetery for a rehearsal run of our “Lives, Legacies and Legends of the Calgary Fire Brigade” tour, slated to be released to the public in 2015.

During our walk, our intent was to locate the resting places of seventeen Calgarians connected to the Calgary Fire Department at the turn of the century. We read a short biography or description of each person and laid a red rose in memoriam on their graves with the tour culminating at the tombstones of Fire Chief James ‘Cappy’ Smart (1898-1933) and Fire Chief Alexander (Sandy) Carr (1933-1943).

Carr 2DSC_6022 (3)

For those individuals whose gravesites we could not locate, we will do further research and will be re-visiting the Union Cemetery to have another look! Often, when a marker deteriorates (as many in Calgary have due to the fact that they built them out of sandstone) or falls over, cemetery staff will attempt to contact a relative to have the stone fixed or replaced. If a relative cannot be located, the marker will usually be removed, which is likely what occurred with the monuments for the graves we couldn’t find.

The date of our visit,  July 29, marked the 75th anniversary of Cappy’s funeral and it was both an honour and a privilege to re-visit his final resting place on the occasion. We’re hoping to make this an annual event. Stay tuned for further developments.

Lives, Legacies, and Legends of the Calgary Fire Brigade

Hello All! I am Kesia Kvill, one of the Museum’s summer students. I am finishing off my BA Hon. in History this summer as a Co-op Student at The Firefighters Museum of Calgary. Over the past month or so I have been working on a research project we have titled “Lives, Legacies, and Legends of the Calgary Fire Brigade.” This project is a combination of two things for me: first my interest in the history of cemeteries (my Honours Thesis was on cemeteries), and second my new interest in the history of the Calgary Fire Department.

As July 25th will mark the 75th anniversary of Chief “Cappy” Smart’s death in 1939, the Museum staff wanted to take time to reflect upon the lives and legends of Calgary’s early fire department and honour the legacy of “Cappy” Smart and others affected by the Fire Department.

My research for this project has included the compilation of information on members of the Calgary Fire Department buried in Union Cemetery, as well as those who perished in a significant fire (or fire department related) incidents, and relatives of “Cappy” Smart. This list includes the locations of each person’s final resting place, as well as short tidbits of history surrounding them and their relation to the fire department. We will be posting a PDF self guided tour in August so you will be able to take a walk through the cemetery at your own pace, learn about the history of the CFD, and take time to remember the impact the early department, and Chief Smart, had on the city of Calgary.

If you wish to join us on our remembrance of the “Lives, Legacies, and Legends of the Calgary Fire Brigade,” the Museum staff will be meeting at the Spiller Road entrance at 11:00am on the 29th of July to walk through Union Cemetery 75 years to the day that “Cappy” was brought to rest there by a full Fire Department processional from his funeral at Knox United Church.

Conversations in the Kitchen

Lee Churchill has been researching and restoring an incredibly detailed map of Calgary here at the museum. She’s been documenting her progress on The Map Project Blog and will be presenting her findings on May 30, as the first installment of our ‘Conversations in the Kitchen’ lecture series!

Pre-registration is required. Limit of 15 participants. Admission by donation.

To register please email Shannon at