Relationships are such an integral part of our lives and we should give them the utmost care and attention. They are based on the connections to people from our mutual past, our collective history. People, places, artefacts and their stories are the conduit through which we connect with the past.

My relationship with the Firefighters Museum of Calgary began in 2008, when I joined the Community Safety Division of the Calgary Fire Department. My coordinator at the time was a huge advocate of supporting and helping groups both within and outside of CFD. The Museum was one of those areas that frequently needed additional support to ensure the success of their outreach and programs. He saw Community Safety’s goal of fire prevention as a natural fit with the museum. We learn from our past, to improve the future for everyone.

I really had no idea at the time, the tremendous value there was to preserving our firefighting past. The history of firefighting is so incredibly fascinating. It shows the evolution of our relationship with fire, with each other, and with Calgarians. What we do now for citizens of this amazing city, is built directly on the sweat, tears and sacrifices of previous firefighters.

I cherish my relationship with the Museum, especially its people, because ultimately, it is individual people we form connections and relationships with. The place, the Firefighters’ Museum is the educational vessel which makes this possible and so very special.

Carol Henke

CFD Member (14 years and counting) & FMC Director No. 6



This is snapshot of when I ‘assisted’ in knocking down the Fire Prevention Bureau and  Museum building in 2013.


Musings from the Board- December

Russell Stratton small

Russell Stratton, President, Firefighters Museum Society, Calgary, 2015

The festivities are often a time when we gather with family and friends and spend time celebrating together. However not everyone will get the opportunity to be with their families over the holidays.

I remember when growing up my late Father would often be working a shift over the holiday period. He would not only miss out on the excitement of Christmas morning, but would often return later that evening to eat his re-heated Christmas dinner, long after everyone else had eaten and had now retired to watch television or play games. I remember him sitting at the table, still in his uniform, eating his dinner whilst other family members passed through the kitchen wishing him a belated Merry Christmas.

So as we come up to the Christmas and New Year holidays please take a moment to spare a thought for the Emergency Services, Hospital Staff, Military Personnel and others who will be away from their families and working to protect the public and save lives this Christmas.

On behalf of the Staff and Directors of the Firefighters Museum of Calgary, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful holiday season.

Russell Stratton


Firefighters Museum Society, Calgary



Musings from the Board – An Introduction


In order to further engage our Board of Directors and take advantage of their expertise and life experiences, the museum will feature a monthly musing written by one our  board members. It’s also a great way to get to know us better!  If you have a question for one of members, simply post it in the comments and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Musings will be posted the first Friday of every month.

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Rebecca Melenka

Executive Director, Firefighters Museum Society, Calgary